Barefoot Prince (Gay)

From Create Your Own Story

You are Prince Yuki, tenth in line for the throne, son of King Kurisu. You have just celebrated your 18th Birthday, however your father and 9 brothers have ignored this. Infact three days after your birthday, your Father and three eldest brothers have declared war on a nabouring kingdom and riden off into battle. Leaving you and your remaining brothers behind.

You have always been short for your age, however youh have long white hair which falls to your shoulders and brilliant azure eyes, your skin is pale and is said to relect the light shone upon it by the moon itself. Your mother died in childbirth, trying to give birth to one final child, however both she and the child died, leaving you as the youngest son.

Dispite how often your outfit changes, there is always one consant, you never wear socks or shoes, which is why the peole of the kingdom have come to refer to you as the barefoot Prince, even though many Guards, Servants and some of your family generally ignore you, and so you ignore them too.

Today you awaken to find yourself alone in your room, the emerald hangings and bedspread are of your choosing, and purchasing. Both made of the finest silk, you sit up in bed and decide how you will spend your day

Head to the Library

Head Into Town

Spend Your day in your room

Head to the gardens

Wander around the Castle

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