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Warning: Might contain strong language and minor sexual references, but WILL contain intense violence and awesomeness

Welcome to my first story! I am CheeseToast. Before you ask, this story has a plot, and therefore will end. Just to give you a heads up. I won't reveal the plot, but I'll tell you the basics of the story.

It'll be stocked to the brim with internet memes, movie and video game quotes, and enough awesomeness to choke a goat.

There will be parts of the story labeled as BADASS moments. Where you start a combo(lack of a better word) and, well, basically do epic badass stuff to continue it. If you don't, it'll probably end up with you dieing. So try not to. When you successfully finish a badass combo, your badass level(well it just says level) will go up. Does it do anything special? Other than telling you you're a badass, no.

Well, let's get started, shall we?

Health 0 Equipment:

The story didn't start yet, dunce.

MP 0
Level 0
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