Babysitter - Irresponsible

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The Dexter family received a telegram; after a thousand attempts, Blake Dexter won a gameshow. The prize? One week in Hawaii. But in a family of five, only four tickets were won. Finally, your parents agreed to leave one of their children with a babysitter.

This is a story about two people - Serah Drake, the babysitter, and James Dexter, an eighteen year old boy who never got that growth spurt.

This CYOA is slightly different from the others in one regard - you are requested to keep track of stats. Keep track of the opposite party's Lust, Willingness, Clothing, Awkwardness and Happiness - these all contribute towards different endings and have effects on various scenarios. More details on the stats are presented below.

Lust: Self explanatory. The other party's lust towards you.

Willingness: How willing one party is for sexual interactions with the other. This can go up and down with Happiness, but is a separate stat. This is how willing they are to have sex with you.

Awkwardness: Awkwardness can affect their likelihood to want to have sex with you - this is how familiar you two are with each other. If you've had some sexual contact earlier, Awkwardness will usually decrease.

Happiness: How happy the other party is. This can have a large effect on various scenarios.

You should also keep track of the Day of the week.

For Editors: Don't take the story too far outside the house. It'll become too hard to keep track of. So no trips downtown - you'll have to practically write a new CYOA for the different events in different places. And keep things slightly logical with stats - as Serah, for example, giving James a goodnight kiss won't raise his Lust by 10, or apologizing as James to Serah for raping her won't add +10 Willingness or make her forget about it. Also try to keep things in a similar timeframe - remember, the story HAS to end on the morning of Day 8, when the Dexter family comes home.

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