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That's what they called it. The "beautiful garden academy." They didn't lie, really. The gardens are awe inspiring, but this place isn't exactly an academy. Yes, you have been taught different things here, but it's more of a place to live. You are given a place to grow food and herbs, harvest materials, and craft necessary tools to survive. Here, you are learning to become self sufficient survivors in a dangerous world. So yes, Babylon is, in a way, an academy.

You have been here for nearly a year; an immensely short time considering how long some of the other residents have been here. You heard one person has been here over 30 years, but that might just be a rumor.

Life here is pretty good. The only drawback is that this place houses some strange people. It's as if the slightly darker side of humanity was brought here to show the more sane people how to survive it. Murderers, theives, rapists; this place has its share of dangers.

You are not so normal, yourself. You fit in pretty well, here, mostly because you have a 'mild' case of hypersexuality. You've gotten better at controlling the urges, but with so many willing people here...

Anyway, you are who you are. And you just happen to be:

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