Awakened World: 7yrs Later

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This is my first attempt at writting a Create your own style story so apologies if it gets a bit confusing or different from the usual style of Create you own type stories, this is entirely my own original idea so no copying and such, thankyou.


Before You Begin...

Some important choice help

  • You must follow your correct choicelinks (for example a Vampire may accidentally end up in a Werewolf choices as they clicked the wrong links)
  • All players regardless of gender and race will in most circumstances have acess to these choices chosing certain choices and for a certain amount of times will vary story effects while some choices may have same/similar effects as others once in awhile. Rember to KEEP TRACK each time you use a SNCAR reply or you will get lost as the story progresses. These are important to keep track of so I recommend writing down collumns and adding a tally to each one everytime you choose a matching reply. Some times there will branch off and you may end up with choices like (VR) "Vampire Romantic"those have there own individual tally.
  • "S" -Silent
  • "N" -Normal
  • "C" -Curious
  • "A" -Angry
  • "R" -Romantic

Ready for an important history lesson?

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