Automaton Soul

From Create Your Own Story

With a click, you begin to hear. A quiet wind swirls about. You hear somebody take a sharp breath.

"I know you can hear me so let's begin. You are in control of my creation, her name is Sprocket. Now before you think of any questions, you cannot speak, you cannot show emotions, and I won't be teaching the written language of this world." The stern voice is that of a little girl. "The magic that will move your metal body is linked to four people whom I will not reveal. Your primary purpose is to protect us ...hmph, guess I revealed who one of us is saying that."

Metal sliding, then another click. Your sight fades in as small hands move away from your eyes. The girl steps back, scratching her head through messy black hair. Making contact with her jade eyes she continues, "With that said it's in your best interest to protect everyone."

The concrete room is empty with only a ladder leading to a hatch at the top. Light pours in through cracks in the wood of the trapdoor, the quiet wind coming from it means it must lead outside. Shadows pass over the light now and again.

"It'll be interesting to see what you do with no context. That's what you're here for, to be an outside influence, to see what you will do and if that can change our situation." She looks down and reaches past the lowest point of your vision to your body, another click.

You can now move:

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