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Editing Rules

In this story, the reader should only be able to make choices that the character thinks are logical, and each choice will define the character's personality somehow. After the reader makes a choice, the following page will explain why the character made that choice. If it can't be explained reasonably, that choice shouldn't exist and should be removed or changed into something else. The focus is on consistent narration and interesting options rather than on the number of choices. Keep the link names consistent as well.
--Dreama 17:07, 25 February 2010 (UTC)

The story begins

Black cloth shourds your body — a short, light body that's built for movement and agility. It's the body of a twenty-year-old girl, trained all her life to be an assassin. And it's a perfect body — it has to be. If it wasn't, you wouldn't have been chosen. And these people, they can afford to choose.

Your voice is charming and mysterious, but you barely use it at all. For those few who have the honor of calling you by a name, you are only known as Whisper. You have Asian origins, but you aren't the resident of any nation. In addition to your comprehensive knowledge of English, you understand a lot of different languages.

You keep a very good care of your body, and not just by knowing what to eat and how to exercise. You also spend hours naked in front of your screen of mirrors examining how your muscles bend and what shape they take. It gives you perfect awareness of yourself when sneaking around in the shadows. Wearing your tight clothes, your 30B breasts don't bounce at all when you move.

There's no hair anywhere on you, as you've been through a treatment that prevents it from ever growing at all. Even your head is bald, which makes your face a bit strange, but then again, not many people ever see you without your mask.

Your mouth is small but your lips are thick, with red lipstick on them that protects them against dryness. Your eyes are brown and narrow with rather long, dark eyelashes, but you have no eyebrows at all. Your face is rather round with high cheekbones, but gets narrower towards your small chin.

You've been trained to use all kinds of equipment, but you're deadly even with your bare hands. Quite often you travel and move carrying nothing but your clothes on you, so you achieve the best possible mobility and flexibility. If you know enough about a mission in advance, you might choose to carry a throwing knife, silenced pistol, blowgun with poison darts or whatever is ideal at each time.

You are a member of the Society of Assassins, which has been a secret for centuries — and so it still remains in the year of 2010. You are now in your room, in a tall skyscraper in New York City, shrouded in your tight black outfit. It's the middle of the night — the time to start your day.

Tip: Options in italics are additional reading that don't branch out the story. They are there just for fun if you like that kind of things.

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