Ass Games (All Anal)

From Create Your Own Story

As the name suggests, this story is mostly anal (on a rough scale 85% anal) other fetishes may include: farting, rape, feet, creampie, public, spanking, incest, affairs, beastiality (only horses), brutal beatings, lesbian, ETC.. If any of these aren't fitting to your sexual fetishes, I wouldn't advise this to be most enjoyable for you.

Choose your girl:

Amanda: 18 years old southern girl. Blonde. Big (34DD) yet well proportioned and perky tits, perfectly round bubble butt, and she lives on a ranch.

Anne: 40 years old. Brunette. She is a married woman and she has a perfect body for any age. A massive, slightly fat and round ass (perfect in every way), big fake tits, and has tendencies to have affairs.

Sophie: 37 year old. Single mother, Natural bright orange hair. Huge perfectly round tits, a slim petit figure, she works as a secretary for a CEO, and has a huge yet perfectly spherical ass that is noticed by all the men in the office.

Stacie: 19 years old. Blonde. Small tits. A tight ass. Willing to do anything to overcome her discomfort with having small tits.

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