Ask for the inky-dinkies

From Create Your Own Story

You ask Gail for the box of inky-dinkies.

"Ooh, can I watch you put it on?" Gail asks. "I never seen an inky-dinky dick before."

You let her into the room. The two of you sit down on the side of the bed. She put the bag down at her feet and fishes out the box of tiny condoms. You rip the box open and tear apart the paper packaging so you can pull out the miniature rubber. You place the tip against your dick so she can clearly see that there's no way you can fit your meat in that teensy thing. But your dick shrivels up into a miniscule thing that fits snugly into the dinky little condom.

Gail laughs, gives your shrunken dick a dismissive flick and flounces out of the room.

You spend the rest of your life using tweezers to masturbate.

The End.

Health Horny, with an inky-dinky dick Location:

The Hotel

MP 0
Level 1
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