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"Korvan..." Kas said, as he tugged at her dress, trying to get it over her head. "Korvan, wait. I need the bathroom." He stopped, hesitating long enough for to wriggle free of his grasp and get to her feet. "Which way is it?" She asked, pulling her dress back down to cover herself. Korvan pointed to a door in the corner of his bedroom, an on suit bathroom. Following his simple direction to the bathroom, Kas straightened herself put. She had no idea what she would have done if Korvan had not stopped when she had asked. He was a lot taller, a lot stronger and a lot older than her. given the option, she wasn't sure if she wanted to do the things he clearly had in mind. Part of her regretted not going home with David. The on-suit bathroom was surprisingly large, with plenty of space to move around. There was a large bath with a shower above, a toilet and sink, and more pictures on the walls. Kas closed the door behind her, and sat to use the toilet.

When she returned, Kas had made up her mind. She apologised to Korvan, and told him that she would prefer to sleep in a different room. The disappointment was visible on his face, but he gave a wry smile and said that was fine. He told Kas that she could have his bed, the sheets were clean, and that he would sleep on the sofa. For some strange reason the look in his eyes brought a feeling of guilt to her heart, as though she had just kicked an injured puppy. Korvan was a particularly attractive man, and she had to admit that kissing him was a wonderful experience, but she just wasn't ready to go further than that. After all, she had only met him a few hours ago, and knew nothing about him other that it tappeared that he was quite a talented artist. Kas slipped off her shoes and socks, climbed into bed fully dressed. For a while she listened as Korvan sorted out his bedding on the sofa, in the far corner of his bedroom. She had expected him to sleep in a different room, but she didn't complain, she felt bad enough for rejecting him already. Even so, it wasn't long before she was sound asleep.


End of Day 1

Congratulations, you have successfully reached the end of the first day in this story. Kas is safe, and she has already enjoyed her first proper kiss with Korvan. She is now fast asleep in his bed, and anything can happen tomorrow. Continue into day 2 to find out what happens next.


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