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"Oh." Kas said meekly, answering her own unfinished question as her arms raised and the dress came off. Kissing Korvan was incredible, his strength and passion overwhelming her senses, giving her a most unusual delight beyond anything she had ever felt before. His hands were all over her back, touching and feeling parts of her that increased the sensation. But it wasn't what she wanted at that moment. To her mind he was an attractive man, and she was already aroused by his attentions, but her head was spinning, and all she felt like doing was to close her eyes and fall asleep. The harder she tried to stay awake and pay attention to what Korvan was doing, the heavier her eyelids became. She felt his hands grip her buttocks, and she was lifted onto the bed. Kas tried to focus, to tell him to stop, but the words didn't come out. All she managed to do was mutter a few incomprehensible words as her eyes closed. A moment later she had drifted happily off into a peaceful slumber.


End of Day 1

Congratulations, you have successfully reached the end of the first day in this story. Kas is safe, and she has already enjoyed her first proper kiss with Korvan. She is now fast asleep in his bed, and anything can happen tomorrow. Continue into day 2 to find out what happens next.


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