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"Come on little one. Lets get you home." David said, leading Kas toward her house. "Before your dad kills me." Kas said nothing in response, nor did she comment as he held her hand, and so they finished their walk in silence. At the door, David hoped that Kas might return his kiss, but she opened the door and walked inside before saying good bye. The door shut behind her, and David listened a moment for the voice of her father, which didn't come. Kas found her father fast asleep in front of the television. He had clearly been waiting up for her, but had dozed off some time ago. She switched the television off, and quietly made her way up to her room, where she joined her father in peaceful slumber.


End of Day 1

Congratulations, you have successfully reached the end of the first day in this story. Kas is home safe, although a little sore and embarrassed. Admittedly her first proper kiss was not all she hoped it would be, and she certainly didn't expect to be kissed by her own cousin. However, she is still in one piece, and has made some new friends. Anything is possible. Continue into day 2 to find out what happens next.


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