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"I think I would like to stay." Kas said, making up her mind. She was enjoying the evening and was pleased that everyone had been so welcoming. David didn't look happy with her answer, and declared he was going anyway.

"Hold on." Kim called after him. "I'll come with you." And she ran to catch up with him. Kas wondered at David's insistence for leaving so quickly, but she was happy where she was and Korvan seemed nice. When David was out of sight, Korvan passed Kas his mobile phone, and suggested that she call her father. She dialled the number and put the phone to her ear.

"Dad?" She said, when the phone was answered. "I have been invited to stay at The Range tonight, if thats alright?..." There was a pause. "Yes, everyone is really nice." She said, obviously answering her father's question. "Hold on." She looked at Korvan. "My dad wants to speak to your parents."

"Give it here." Korvan replied, referring to the phone. She passed it over. "Hello, Mr Sanders?... Yes, she has been no trouble at all. She is welcome to stay and we will take her home in the morning." After a moment he passed the phone back to Kas with a smile. She thanked her father, and the call ended. Korvan put his arm back around Kas and pulled her closer as he retrieved his phone. Her head leant against his shoulder, feeling the warmth of his body, and he kissed her head tenderly.

"Its time we were going too." Jade declared a few moments later, breaking the serene silence that had fallen over the barn as the fire died away in its hearth. She thanked Kas for coming, and told Korvan not to keep her up too late, then left with Lawrence following close behind. The moment they were alone together, Korvan stubbed out his cigarette, and pulled Kas towards him. He kissed her passionately upon the lips once, and then again. Using his thumb, he coaxed her mouth open and let his tongue slip inside until it played against hers. At first she was stunned, her first proper kiss, and here with a guy she had just met. Kas didn't protest though, and she soon found that she was kissing him back. He was rather attractive in her eyes, if a bit older than herself. She wasn't sure exactly how old he was, but it wasn't something she intended to worry about at that moment. Her hands gripped his back as he leant further over, until she was laying flat on the ground. Even though the concrete floor was cold, Kas didn't mind, nor did she complain when his hand worked its way up her dress and into her leggings, for she was overwhelmed by his attentiveness.

"I think we should head inside." Korvan said after a while, and stood up to collect his coat. Kas felt a little disappointed, for she was enjoying being kissed and didn't want it to end. But as long as she stayed close to Korvan she was certain more kissing would follow. They left the barn, grateful that the rain had finally stopped, and walked down through the fields to the large house at the bottom. Holding his hand Kas asked Korvan to tell her more about the group.

"Hmm. Well Jade is sort of our leader, though it is a self appointed role." Korvan replied. "She's seventeen, but has her own way of getting what she wants. David you know, of course. He was with Jade for a while, until Jade met Lawrence. Lawrence is twenty four, and joined the group about two years ago, they've been together since then. Some times he brings his little brother along, but Sam is only twelve and usually sits with Kim. Kim is your age. I don't really know why she joined the group, she just turned up one night in the barn and never left. There were a few others, but they don't come any more." They reached the house and Korvan showed her in, leading her by the hand through a large hall and up an ornate staircase. At the top he held a door open and followed her inside. Kas looked around the large, spacious room as Korvan politely took her coat and hung it upon a hook. The walls were covered in pictures, as was the desk and bookshelves. The floor however, was immaculately clear, unlike her own room, and there was small double bed in the centre of the far wall.

"Is this your room?" Kas asked, taking in as much as her eyes could. She was feeling light headed, and was finding it difficult to focus. Korvan asked if she liked the room, by way of an answer, then guided her to the bed. His hands slid around her waist as he edged closer to her. "Where am I sleep...?" She began to ask, but her words were cut off as Korvan kissed her once more. Her lips parted, letting him massage them with his tongue, and she felt him lift her dress. It was around her neck, with her white bra perfectly visible before she hesitated.

What should Kas do?

Korvan Vincent

Korvan is a lot older than Kas, although she doesn't know yet precisely how old he is. He is a local, who has stayed in Ardenstone to help run the family farm. He is extremely handsome, and although he is not very intelligent, Korvan is a talented artist. Korvan's artwork speaks volumes about his character and his interests.


The "fizzy apple juice" that Kas was drinking, was actually an alcoholic beverage known as Cider. Like smoking, alcohol is addictive and bad for your health. Most countries have a minimum age of 18 for alcohol consumption, and higher in others. It is illegal to drink alcohol in some parts of the world at any age. Alcohol can also have an intoxicating effect, reducing a person's ability to think clearly and making them more compliant to suggestion. Alcohol can also reduce response times, and cause people to act out of character. Under no circumstance should you attempt to operate a vehicle or any type of machinery after consuming an alcoholic beverage of any type.

Option Notes

Having consumed alcohol, Kas is unable to think rationally. Any of the above options may lead to sexual activity, however, they may not lead to the outcome you expect.

Be careful what you choose.


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