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"I think I should go." Kas said apologetically, "My dad will be mad if I'm late, but thanks for the offer." Jade gave Kas a hug as they all stood up, and invited Kas to come again soon. Kim thanked her for coming, and Korvan stood to say good bye. He moved to hug Kas too, but David pulled. her away. Kas was slightly overwhelmed as she followed David out of the barn, pleased that everyone had been so welcoming. David helped her over the gate and soon they were walking down the lane together in silence. It occurred to Kas that David had been rather quiet since they arrived, and hoped she had not upset her. Eventually she asked him to tell her more about the others she had met.

"Well, Jade is seventeen," He started, "and has always been the leader of our group. She can be quite controlling at times, but she doesn't mean much by it. She's been with Lawrence for about two years now. He's older though, about your brother's age. Kim is alright, enthusiastic and full of energy, but she is kind of the baby in the group, except for when Sam comes."

"Who is Sam?" Kas asked, almost bumping into David as she walked beside him. He tried to put an arm around her waist to keep Kas upright, but she she shrugged it off.

"Sam is Lawrence's little brother." David replied. "He's only twelve, but he's already as tall as Kim." David explained, laughing slightly at the thought. "He has this huge crush on Kim, but she likes older guys."

"What about Korvan?" Kas asked, curious to know more about him. David looked away, hiding from her his true thoughts.

"Korvan is Jade's brother." David answered, keeping to facts only. "He's twenty eight and runs The Range with their father." Kas looked surprised.

"Are you sure?" Kas asked. "He didn't look that old. I thought he was very nice though." Silence returned for a while, but as they neared the house, David suddenly took her hand in his.

She stopped, surprised for a moment by the unexpected contact, and David took his opportunity.

"Look, Kas." He said. "Smoking really isn't good for you. I don't smoke, nor does Kim, and you shouldn't either. Besides, your dad would flip if he found out."

"Oh." Kas replied solumnly, looking at her feet. "I didn't realise." His left hand lifted her chin and without warning he pressed his lips against hers. Kas stumbled into him, unsure what to do, but he had enough strength in his arms to hold her up as he kissed her. She wobbled in front of him, trying to focus.

"How much cider did you drink?" He asked afterward, when he had steadied her once more.

"Cider?" Kas asked, confused. David checked his watch. It was dead on eleven, and her house was in sight. A number of thoughts filled his mind.

What should David do?

David Fellows

David is a sixteen year old student, who has lived in Ardenstone his entire life. Kas and David are cousins, by virtue of her father and his mother being related. David has short brown hair, and is roughly the same hight as Kas. David has been attracted to Kas for over a year, before she moved to Ardenstone.

Plot Notes

Cider is a strong alcoholic beverage. Like smoking, alcohol is addictive and bad for your health. Most countries have a minimum age of 18 for alcohol consumption, and higher in others. It is illegal to drink alcohol in some parts of the world at any age. Alcohol can also have an intoxicating effect, reducing a person's ability to think clearly and making them more compliant to suggestion. Alcohol can also reduce response times, and cause people to act out of character. Under no circumstance should you attempt to operate a vehicle or any type of machinery after consuming an alcoholic beverage of any type.

Option Notes

Having consumed alcohol, Kas is unable to think rationally. The options available may not lead to the outcome you expect.

Be careful what you choose.


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