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"I want to apologise for last night." Kas said as Korvan looked at her. He had startled her, but her hand was still holding his penis, and she realised that it was what she wanted. She was sober, feeling much better and extremely aroused. Korvan smiled, pushing back the covers and she felt his hand wrap around hers. Gently, he started shaking his hand, moving hers so that it pulled the skin of his penis up and down the full length of its shaft, all the way to the hairy patch at its base. Kas smiled back at him, understanding what he wanted, and after a while he released her hand. Claiming that she was doing well, he suggested she try using her lips as well. Confused, Kas looked up at him askance, the idea of putting his penis in her mouth didn't appeal to her much. However, he gave her a reassuring nod and promised that she would like it. Sure enough, Kas found that his penis didn't taste too bad at all. It was certainly different, the soft foreskin was an unusual texture to feel in her mouth, but it was far more pleasant than she had believed. Gently, Korvan placed his hand upon the back of her head, coaxing her to take more of him in her mouth. She done as he desired, and his head rolled back in blissful ecstasy.

As the sun rose, shedding more of it's rays through the curtains, Kas found that she had a better view of Korvan. He looked much older in the light of day, lying on the bed before her. His jaw line was covered in a fine blonde bristle, and there were darker hairs upon his chest. She sat back, though her hand was still working away, massaging his penis, and considered how handsome he looked. Her heart pounded in her chest, as she enjoyed the view. Kas stared closer at his penis as she continued, looking at every detail with wonder. Hanging within the hairs between his legs she saw his genitals, a small sack like flap of skin, and Kas took hold of it to feel what it was like. Viewing Korvan was one thing, but being able to touch him was an amazing experience for her. An impulse convinced her to sit up further, and she lifted one leg over his, so that she sat upon his thighs. In her boredom of the day before, she could never have imagined having sexual contact with anyone, far less a completely naked man who could easily be twice her age. There was a sense of awe, and Kas certainly didn't believe there was anything wrong with what they were doing. Her heart, her head, her eyes, and even the ache between her legs were telling her how much she wanted him.

"I want it inside me again." Kas said, pulling, squeezing and pulling again at his foreskin. She knew enough about sex to know where it was meant to be, and for her part, he had already been in there once. To prove what she meant, she moved up his body, until she was almost sat on his penis.

"Good girl." Korvan grinned at her. And with putting both hands around her hips, he rolled Kas onto his bed. "But I think I should put a condom on first."

"What?" Kas asked, looking up at him with a sudden state of confusion.

"A condom." He replied. "It stops you from..."

"Did you use one last night?" Kas asked, cutting him off in his explanation.

"No." Korvan answered solemnly, recalling that he had been too drunk to worry about consequences then. Kas thought about it for a moment.

Should Korvan wear a condom?


While the law in most nations states that Kas is not old enough to be ready to engage in sexual activity, her body is physically ready. She has already passed through the early stages of puberty, she has developed breasts, her pelvis has begun to broaden and more importantly, she has had regular menstrural cycles for the past two years. This means that Kas is more than capable of producing a baby, should she become empregnated. The safest way to avoid this posibility is to not have sex at all. However, sex is the driving force of all life on this planet, and has many benefits. Therefore, conraception provides a temporary solution to the problem. The most readily available and easiest to use is the latex condom, which slides over the man's penis and acts as a protective layer between the man and woman. There are numerous arguments both for and against wearing condoms, and it usually comes down to personal choice. There are some religeous groups who still believe that condoms should never be worn at all.

Calculate the risks for yourself and choose an option to continue, but choose carefully.


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