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Rays of sunlight broke through unfamiliar curtains in an unfamiliar room, and Kas woke to the feel of an unfamiliar bed. The warmth of the morning stirred her from a wonderful dream that she could only describe as being erotic in nature. Her stomach rumbled, and settled again as she recalled the essence of the dream, and brushed her hand between her legs. There was moisture there and something curiously out of place. Suddenly she realised that her head was not resting on a pillow, but on someone else, for she could feel their chest rise and fall with each shallow breath. She opened her eyes, and memories of the night before flooded back to her mind. The pictures on the wall, the tidy room, and of course, Korvan, upon who's chest she had slept. He was lying on his back, facing away from her. His blonde head resting upon a single soft pillow. But it was the pictures that caught her attention first. Kas stared at a few that were close enough to see clearly without moving her head too much. They were all hand drawn, Korvan's own work she guessed, some in colour and others just in shades of grey pencil. The subject of each appeared to be similar though, depicting girls wearing very little or nothing at all.

Some of the pictures showed men as well, and most of those were sexual in nature. Various positions and acts. She recognised two or three of his characters repeated around the room, like cartoon characters in a magazine. There were captions too, with text. The more she looked, the more Kas saw. The characters were of varying ages, some older with breasts, other clearly children. She noticed one that looked remarkably like Jade, and others that seemed to be a representation of Kim, although she couldn't be sure. There was a talent to his artwork unlike anything she had seen before, and the content was extraordinarily detailed. Every curve and crevice of each character's body drawn with painstaking detail. It was not clear to her whether she liked the pictures because she was already aroused from her dream, or because their pornographic style was arousing her too. Kas tried to shift herself over to get a better look at one of the larger drawings, when she touched something beneath the covers, which made her pause.

Kas froze, conscious not to disturb Korvan from his sleep, but he didn't move, so carefully she felt around for whatever it was that she had touched. It didn't take long to find it, and she held onto it as she tried to look. What Kas found startled her, for her hand was wrapped around Korvan's penis. He wasn't wearing any underwear at all, and his penis was standing hard and erect. It looked bigger than she had ever imagined a man's penis to be, not that she had ever seen one before, and she was touching it. She held it, feeling its shape and the pulse of blood flowing through it, keeping it warm and hard. Kas didn't know what to do, she felt slightly embarrassed, but while part of her conscious mind told her to let go, an equal part was telling her not to. The result was that her grip shifted hesitantly, and she moved her fingers over the soft skin. At which point, Korvan woke.

What should Kas do?


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