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A tall woman in a flowing blue dress walks up to you swinging her hips. "Why, hello," she says, smiling suggestively, "Are you here to sample the goods? We have something for everyone you know." She slides her hand down your arm, lingering on your hand for a moment. When she breaks contact, you feel a mixture of disappointment and desire.

Welcome to Arcadia

You are a twenty year old girl named Aurora. You have recently been sold into slavery by your treacherous step-father. After a day long journey on a cargo ship, you arrive at the Space Station Arcadia, a red-light district that forms a small part of a bigger network of outlaw stations called Promise. How will you survive? Will you try to escape? Or will you accept your new life of servitude?

This is a sci-fi erotic fiction. Any resemblances of characters to real-life people or otherwise is purely coincidental. All characters are above the age of consent. This fiction will not contain vore, gore, scat play, water sports, heavy non-con or bestiality. You will find just about everything else, including anthropomorphic sex. Consider yourself warned.

Absolutely NO UNAUTHORIZED EDITS. (Unless for spelling corrections) I have a very specific story in mind here, and while I would love to collaborate, (message me if you have any ideas or comments you'd like to share) I would appreciate if no one took creative liberty. Any unauthorized edits will be deleted. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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