Apologize to Sasha

From Create Your Own Story

"Sasha, wait," you call to the pretty assistant. You can feel her roll her eyes as she turns around to face you, obviously annoyed that your wasting her time.

"I'm sorry," you tell her, "I should take this work more seriously. We are at war, after all."

Her expression softened, obviously not expecting that kind of response. "Y-Yeah," she stammered, caught off guard.

"I'll have this done within the hour," you assure her, opening your laptop.

"Thanks," she said. She looked like she was turning to leave, but changed her mind. "I'm sorry for being so... rude. It's just stressful, y'know, with everything that's going on."

"Hey," you say, looking her in the eyes, "I completely understand. I'm amazed your able to keep up with him. I know I couldn't!"

"Yeah," she says, blushing, "He's a brilliant man, and it can be hard to keep up with his genius." There's a moment of silence. Not awkward silence, but a period of prolonged eye contact.

Sasha, realizing what she was doing, looked away. "I, uh, have some work I need to do," she says, taking a step toward the door.

"Of course," you gesture to your desk, "So do I. I'll see you at tomorrows meeting."

"Yeah," she replies, looking for a response but, lacking one, she hurriedly leaves the room. You smile and lean back, thinking about Sasha in a new light.

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