Another Naruto Story

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Hi there, like you already saw this is my first attempt so please don't aim your hopes high for this one. Having said that I promise to do my best.

This story is that of Naruto only not from his point of view. You play as Izo, a character of my own creation who lives in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. You start your journey two years before Naruto's. The reason why, well that information comes later, if you choose to try and find out, but that is just one path.

Waking up to a slight breeze the first thing you notice is how light out it is. You forgot to draw your curtains last night before you fell asleep and now you've woken up it's clear that you've overslept. Usually you wake up as the sun rises so you can get at least two hours training in before you have to go to the academy. Rubbing your eyes you get out of bed, all in one motion, if a little groggy. You stifle a yawn and aim yourself to the bathroom. After splashing some water on your face and feeling more alert you much more gracefully make your way to the kitchen to get some breakfast. As you sit at your kitchen table and eat you contemplate what you are going to do.

Do you:

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