Another Dance Lesson...?

From Create Your Own Story

You are an average student at high school: fitting, as your name is Joe. 16, fairly tall, not exceptionally handsome nor the opposite. You aren't overweight - if anything, your persistent working out to get in a better shape has toned your body a bit. Luckily, you managed to score a girl, Daisy, who is quite clearly a gem. A blonde bombshell with a toned, luscious ass and lovely large, round breasts. Everyone wonders how you two came to be (yourself included!).

Daisy is a keen dancer and to be honest, she isn't very good. Of course, you'd never tell her that but you encourage her to keep it up in hopes she can display her talent in the bedroom. One Wednesday, Daisy comes up to you at lunch: she's going to spend time dancing after school and wants you to wait for her. You agree, and as the bell goes at the end of the day, you head to the dance studio. It is a spacious room, with a large dance floor, bar along the wall, a set of large speakers to blast out the music for dancers and a door off to the side leading to the changing rooms. When you enter, there is nobody there. Do you:

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