Angry Chicks

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This is basically a story that takes place on the island in the iPhone game Angry Birds: Stella. All characters are humanized. This is male!readerxmultiple females. This will also evoke a morality system from Metro: Last Light and Spec Ops: the Line

You are Walker, the captain of a cargo ship. You have extensive knowledge on many plants and animals you would find on Pacific islands. As it just so happens, one day, your ship sinks in a storm. While everyone else either drowns or gets on a lifeboat heading to civilization, your raft drifts onto a deserted island. Luckily, your raft carried survival gear. That was yesterday.

You assess the situation. There is a very prominent tree south west, where you could find wood and food. You have, on occasion, seen small animals come out of the jungle to eat clams, crabs, and seaweed. This suggests you should hunt in the jungle. At the northern tip of the island is a large volcano. On top of it is a large, castle like structure.

Check out the tree?

Walk into the jungle?

Examine the castle?

MP=stamina, Level=level of hunger. (1=not hungry, 5=near death from starvation)

Health 98 Equipment:

Clothes, rucksack, machete, hatchet, matches (wet), canned food, tin opener, tent

MP 98
Level 3
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