An Adventure of Taboo

From Create Your Own Story

My first work. Feel free to add as long edit as long as it fits. This all starts out as you being a guy, but that doesn't mean you can't be a girl.

I'll try to make this as varied as I can, giving you actual options, and the content may include, but is not limited to, incest, underage sex (nothing crazy though), snuff, rape, vanilla (straight) sex, female domination, gender bender, gay sex (though mostly crossdressed) and just plain stupid shit, because we all know you'll click on the ridiculous options that you'd never do in real life. I'll also try to be realistic, for the most part - no aliens, vampires, wizards, or any of that shit. Depending on the routes you take, you can avoid anything you don't want.

Also, try to keep the "AAoT -" part in the links, don't want to accidentally ruin other people's stories.

Starting off, what are you?

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