Amulet of Osiris

From Create Your Own Story

You're an 18 year old male, named Zachary Edwards, who's just taken his first steps into adulthood. Finishing school was a relief to you and you now have the qualifications to land yourself a decent internship at a software company. Things didn't usually come easy to you and you had to work hard for years to maintain your good grades meaning there wasn't much time for friends or a social life as well as doing things that you actually wanted to do.

After securing the internship you start to worry. What if things don't go as planned? What if you change your mind and find yourself wanting to go to university or college? Luckily for you, you'll never have to make another decision like that again.

It all happened on the way home from the software company. You'd finished your first week at the place and had met some great people as well as some not so great people. A stranger had been running away rapidly down the pavement you were on and rushed past you, clashing on the way. The force of the impact made a small amulet fall from his coat pocket. You yelled after him but he didn't stop and kept on running. You pick up the amulet and take a look at it. The gemstone in the middle was red with a spiral-like pattern on it which draws you in. Curiously you put the amulet around your neck to see how it would look.

Suddenly two officers came round the corner in a hurry and immediately ran up to you. "Excuse me sir! Did you see a man come down here? Wearing a black trench coat and in a hurry to leave?" You tell the truth and point him in the direction of where the man ran away. Unfortunately for you, his partner didn't give chase and continued to ask you tedious questions about what you saw. As he speaks to you he begins to notice the amulet around your neck and asks you aggressively things like where you got it from and who gave it to you.

You're now fed up with the officer and in an irritated tone say "Just leave me alone." You feel a short buzz go through your body and the officer says goodbye and runs off. At first your confused at how easily the officer gave up as he seemed so persistent on finding answers. You also find yourself questioning the sensation you felt as you spoke. You look down at the amulet and shake your head. It couldn't be related to this thing. Surely not. Curiosity was part of human nature however and you couldn't help but wonder if you had somehow influenced the officer's decision to leave.

Test the amulet to see if it really does anything

Ignore the amulet and continue home

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