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Your dream is slipping away.

The first thing you feel as you are waking is a dull, throbbing pain all throughout your body. Your shoulder hurts. Or is it your back? You aren't really sure where the pain in your body begins or ends but the ground is stiff and cold. You hear a cat meowing in the distance and early morning traffic on a nearby street.

You try to open your eyes but your left eye refuses. You lift your right arm and touch the swollen area of your eye. Puffy. It stings but is nothing compared to the soreness of your arm. You rub the blurriness out of your right eye and you are staring at the end of a fire escape and a tan apartment building three stories high. The meowing cat looks down at you. Then you notice the rancid smell. You think you are laying on garbage bags. Some seem torn open; rancid food is strewn all over.

You look to your left and right. You are in an alley. A wave of panic comes over you. You cannot remember what happened last night. You go over the events in your mind but to your dismay, you don't recall anything. In fact, you recall nothing... at all. You lay in the garbage trying to recall details and events about your life. You panic, as you cannot even remember your name. You feel your pockets for a wallet of some kind but whatever happened to you left you without anything but your clothing. You sit up and with your good eye you assess the surroundings. You seem pretty beat up but you think you can get up and make it somewhere.

Where do you go?

Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:

Nothing but your clothes

MP 0
Level 1
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