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Before you begin, check out who the character is and what the world is like, World of Amazola

As dawn breaks, you are awoken by the sounds of the grass swaying in the wind. You get up and stretch. Damn, you think, Another bad night of sleep. Once again, you feel extremely horny. Looking down, you see your massive tits and large cock with a hard-on. I haven't had sex since... You try not to think about the past. You turn back to your morning wood and get to work pleasing so it wouldn't bother you as much during the day.

It has been many months since you left your tribe. Although you do not have any luxuries, your spirit and mind feel much better than when you were with them. Your old tribe was abusive and treated you like a slave even though you were born one of its members. The day after your past your eighteenth birthday, the day a girl in your tribe is considered a woman, you left those malicious people. You have traveled the Plains of Amazola ever since. All you have in your possession is a short sword, a wooden bow, and a quiver of only a few arrows. You do not have a steady supply of food, but you've managed by eating edible plants and hunting small animals. You do not have a bed or any coins. The only way you survive is by using your mind, strength, and, frankly, amazing looks. While on the road has made you more physical fit, it also hasn't taken from your god-like beauty.

Finishing, you grab your weapons and start to walk north. With the sun peeking over the horizon, the long grass turning gold in its light, you begin to feel more relaxed. You remember your ultimate goal, to punish and destroy the tribe you once called your family. However, to do so, you need to build a tribe of your own. You'll need to find women who will follow loyally. While the tribes control the land of Amazola, there are many women who are "lone wolves," or do not belong to a tribe, like you. Most of these people concentrate in small towns, where they are able to survive. Others may be encountered in the wild. While you have not yet been able to determine how you will get them to follow you, you are not deterred away from your goal.

A few hours later, around noon, you come upon a small town on a river. Excellent, I can begin, you think to yourself. As you enter town...

You find it bustling with women

You find it abandoned

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