Am I Dreaming?

From Create Your Own Story

You don't have to blink. You know that you're dreaming.

You're in a park, it's the middle of Spring. The new green leaves rustle softly in the wind. Flowers seem to be newly planted on the sides of the walkways.

Something's off though, something you noticed quite quickly. No one is here. The walkways are empty, the benches holding air, the only sound was the wind. Where is everyone?

"Alaya!" You turn your head to the voice that was calling your name.

You see Adam Noen running towards you. Adam was your classmate since elementary, and you two haven't really talked, just a mutual relationship. You never minded him, and he never really minded you. You even did big projects together.

But that was all before he left a year ago, in your freshman year. And that mutual relationship vanished.

Almost as if on a pre-plan, you feel a warmth spread through you, and a smile blossom on your face as you run towards him as well, throwing your arms around his neck, as if out of habit.

You don't know what's really going on. What do you say?

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