Altered Reality

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You sit in the middle of the room, stunned. In your hand is something you were sure your grandfather would never create - the so called "Reality Marble" he'd been working on his entire life. You're unsure of whether it'd work, and yet all you know is that he was shouting "it's complete! I've done it!" shortly before dying of a stroke.

You know a few details about how it works - after all, he never stopped talking about it. Basically, it'd be possible to alter the fabric of reality in any way you want - whether it be making everyone grow wings or making your favourite fictional characters come to life. You could even become somebody else.

The only caveat is that any change that is made cannot be completely reversed - that is, if you chose to become your best friend, you wouldn't be able to become somebody else. You would, however, be able to adjust aspects of his appearance and abilities.

With this in mind, you begin to ponder what you could do with your new-found reality marble. You first test it by gripping it and imagining that the grass in your lawn would eternally stay short. After a few moments of focusing on your goal, the marble glows and warms in your hand before returning to its original state. You stick your head out the window, and sure enough, the previously long grass now looked freshly trimmed.

The possibilities for what you could do next seem endless.

Do you:

Name James Extra Info:

You are an average 21 year old male.

Gender Male
Reality Real World
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