Alorias Glory

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Aloria is a continent of danger and mystery.

Aloria belongs to the same universe as Xyclonia, Hur'tar and Rukiria as well as being on the same planet.

In this story you will become one of Aloria's characters each with their own goals and ambitions .

You wake up in a strange room, a cold breeze washes over you. Looking around you noticed tens maybe thousands of books lined up against shelfs, in the middle of all the shelfs a pedestal stands , upon it a large book. You walk forward without thought as the air begins to be pleasantly warm like a summer's morning. You reach the pedestal and the words upon it glow brightly almost jumping out of the book itself , it read "Alorias Glory". For some strange reason you decide to lift the cover and this is what was shown to you.

Alorias Species

Humans((human enough said )there are 25 kingdoms of humans each controlled by an overlord dragon)

Ferair (fox human hybrid specializing in spirituality and finesse)

Wagh ( a fish like race similar characteristics to humans but distinct scales and aquatic tails and blue scale colouring )

Goblins ( greedy for gold and quick on their toes the goblins always come for easy picking or jobs in banking )

Dragon's (the overlords of the human race who expect great rewards and treasure from their subjects. Dragons specialize depending on their species)

Spirits (ahh the spirits the living spirits of those who guard Aloria in their afterlife,)

Wuf'nur (a off breed of the ferair mutated by the Ancients of old , now with two heads and unable to speak their mother tongue they hunt and live in tribes )

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