All in the Family

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Beginning of the story

Your name is Scott, you are 16, live with your mother in a beautiful countryside in a small town. Your only neighbours are: your aunt and cousin, and some weird dude who seems to only enjoy company of his dog.

Your mother, Heather, is a 40 years old woman, with long brown hair, average breasts and lovely ass. She works as a salesman in a local shop. Your father left you when you were 4.
Your aunt, Alice, is 45, single, she lives from renting 2 flats in a large city, she has blonde short hair, big breasts and great legs.
Your cousin, Zoe, is 15. She has long red hair, very small breasts and she is considered nerdy. Her boyfriend's name is Wyatt.
Your aunt, Stacy lives in a city nearby, she is 38, single and works as a nurse.
Your uncle Jeremy, 50, is living on the other side of the country with his wife Tracy, 42. They have 2 children - Ilana, 25 and Rick, 28.

Right now it's the beginning of summer, your mother is at work. It's 8:00 a.m. and you are asleep...

Enough with those descriptions, let's get to action

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