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Dad: John 46

Mom: Jane 44

Older Sister: Molly 19

You: Robby 18

Younger Sister: Jasmine 16

Start of summer vacation meaning all kids are home.

Family lives off the beaten path in a, fairly large, log home.

The house has a mile long driveway from the main road and has no neighboring houses within 10 miles. Turning off the main road, one would not believe such a house would be at the end of the drive.

It takes a couple of turns, up hill, down hill, and a couple more turns on a dirt path through thick vegetated forest with 'NO TRESPASSING' on trees along the drive.

After the long haul you will eventually notice a lake that is roughly a football field long and about 100 some feet wide. The lake has an island in the center with two trees and a hammock hanging from them. On the bank there is a professional looking built deck that stands 15 feet off the lake while extending a few feet into the lake. It has a diving board and a slide at the edge of the deck. The slide pumps water from the lake down it. Stairs connect the deck to the docks below where a tiny john boat stays tied up.

After passing the lake the thick forest surrounds the drive again but for only a couple hundred feet until you approach the house. The driveway splits at this point.

Left takes you to the Olympic size pool and pool house as well as, what the family's friends call, the club.

The club is the size of small house but only 1 floor with 3 rooms which are a bathroom for both men and woman and the main room. The main room is what the family uses to host big parties for special occasions and has party lights strung all around the edges with fog machines and several other party machines in it.

Right takes you to the house. It ends up turning into some what of a culdesac with the house at the middle and two different garages on the left and right of it. The house, at the center, is 2 stories and has 2 wings, left and right. As you walk through the front door you enter a large mudroom with stairs to go both to the 2nd story and the basement as well as 3 hallways, 1 to the left, 1 to the right, and 1 in the middle.

Upstairs is the entertainment room with everything one needs to be entertained.

Downstairs includes a pool table, large couch, couple of recliners, 70 inch flat screen, and everything else one would imagine in a perfect man cave.

Taking the middle hallway will lead you to the largest area of the house, the dining room and kitchen.

Taking the left hallway will lead you to the parents master bedroom, which has a master bathroom inside, and the guest room.

Taking the right hallway will lead you to, what the parents call it, the kids wing. Down the kids wing are several rooms.

The first door is Molly's bedroom. Molly has the largest room out of the kids with a huge walk in closet. The next door is a closet for extra towels, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, etc. Third door takes you into your room which is the smallest but by all means not small. The next door leads you into a bathroom that joins both your room and your younger sister's, Jasmine. The bathroom has three doors. One to your room. One to Jasmines. And the one from the hallway that Molly has to use to access the bathroom. Obviously the last door in the hallway is Jasmine's bedroom who has a little bit smaller of a walk in closet but her view from the windows is the best in the house.

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