All But One

From Create Your Own Story

"OLAY! OLAY, OLAY, OLAY!", chanted the five men in the car, speeding through the darkness of night.
Three men are sitting in the backseats and two in the front. The man sitting in the passenger seat is thirty four year old soccer fan Komarov Olegovich. He has a drunken arm held around the driver, thirty eight year old Rene Stevens.
Rene is the more subdued of the five but is celibrating nothingtheless. He is grinning wildly and occasionally giving the odd cheer along with the other four men.
The three men in the back, who's names are not important, are all yelling drunkedly at the the top of their voices. All three have a green and brown jersey and hat on them.
The cause for celibration was the victorious win for the Celtic Rovers against the world class soccer team, The Firgreens.
But this story isn't about a bunch of men celibrating about some sport victory. No, it's about what happens next...

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