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Hello, I am the narrator for this fine adventure and before you get ready to be an Alien CHAMPION! Here are some basic rules for editing this story. You are allowed to edit, but of you do please edit this page and say where you are editing. I will have the final decision on whether or not it is allowed to stay in the story. Please if you do try to further the story and not just add mindless violence and sex. Also please don't contradict someone's thing that has already been established and try to use your best grammar. Now for participants, this story will have you make choices (gasp, really?) and sometimes you will get a letter. This letters will determine what end you get. The letters are:

  • A=Agresion, acting headstrong or quickly
  • R=Restraint, waiting to do/try something
  • K=Kindness, which is being kind (duh)
  • C=Cruelty, being cruel towards something (duh again)

That is all and let us get on with the adventure.

Alien CHAMPION/Start the Adventure

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