Alien Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

It is a cool autumn night. You are walking through the local park with Marissa, who has been your girlfriend for five years. She shivers, so you remove your jacket and wrap it over her shoulders.

Marissa slows down at a park bench and sits down. You follow her lead, sitting down beside her and wrapping your arm around her shoulder.

"It's such a nice night out," she says, giving you a quick kiss on the lips. You smile, unaware that the night was about to take a drastic turn for the worst.

The cool breeze suddenly intensifies, whipping leaves around in the wind. Lights appear in the sky, beaming down through the mild fog.

You look up. A large metallic saucer hangs in the sky. A green beam of light shoots out of the center. Marissa is lifted off the ground. You watch her get sucked ito the ship before the beam turns to you. You feel yourself rise off the ground. The park shrinks away as the ship pulls you closer.

Before long, you are being grabbed by people in space suits of alien design, with tinted glass masks covering their faces. They throw you in a well-furnished room with a large round window. You hear the door lock behind you.

How do you proceed?

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