Alex Freud. 17 Year Old Boy.

From Create Your Own Story

"Flight 713 from New York City to Jamaica is leaving from gate 213 in ten minutes. Please report to Gate 213."

"That's us!" Your sister, Samantha, yells. She runs off, and you pursue. "Sam!" You yell. "Wait!"

She turns around and stops so suddenly that you are unable to halt your own momentum. In that moment, you crash into her, knocking her to the ground. Your face lands squarely onto her enormous chest, and you pull yourself up. It is not accidental that you push on her crotch to do that.

"What is it, Alex?" She replies, grabbing your hand to pull herself up as well.

"We still have ten minutes. We can make the plane, but I've still got forty dollars in my wallet, and there was a book I was planning to buy."

She stares at you for a moment. "Mom will be mad. I'm not risking it. And anyway, I'm all out of cash; what will I get out of this?"

You pull out twenty bucks. "Ten minutes to pick what you want to buy, then get to the gate."

"All right, Alex. You win." She snatches the money, and the two of you walk towards the nearby WH Smith. As you enter, your eyes catch the beautiful shopkeeper. She leans behind her desk reading a magazine. Surprisingly, you also catch her eye, biting her lip as she stares at you with lustful eyes. You ogling is interrupted when you realize you're looking at books to buy.

"What is it you want from the bookshop, by the way? No offense, sis, but you aren't really the reading type."

'"People change, Alex. Don't look too deep into it."

Sam picks out a paperback copy of Twilight, while you grab Shadow's Edge. "People change?" Your sister was the exact type of dumb girl who would buy and like Twilight. Twenty bucks each; still, you can ask for more from your Mom. On the way out you notice a bulge in Sam's coat pocket.

"What's that you got there?"

She sighs. "I was hoping you wouldn't notice, but please, this isn't anything important." She pulls out a copy of New Moon. The exact same copy you saw for sale inside.

"Oh no, you didn't."

"Look," she says, a pained expression painted to her face. "Please, don't tell anyone. Mom will think I bought it, and the stupid shopkeeper doesn't even have to know its gone until we're in Jamaica."

You think about this for a moment. You stare at your sister, and just by glancing at her breasts, your cock begins to rise. What will you do?

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