Alex Freud.

From Create Your Own Story

Name: Alex Freud.

Age: 17

Family: Samantha Freud (Twin Sister), Rachel Freud (Mother), Daniel Freud (Father)

Hair Color: Sand-Blonde.

Eye Color: Sea-Green.

Height: 5' 11"

Length: Ten inches.

Virgin: No.

Sexual Experiences (If any): Lost his virginity to his aunt. None since then.

Survival Skills: Can light fires and forage for food.

Personality: The day Alex hit puberty was the day he first started fantasizing. He would stare at his bitch sister in the shower through the keyhole and imagine fucking that ass. He would look at his mother and imagine sucking those tits.

One thing that always bothered him was the size of his cock. From sex ed, he knew it would grow a lot larger, and at this point, it was larger than anything he'd seen on internet porn. His suspicions were confirmed when he cornered his mother's little sister, Alice, and screwed her at a family gathering. Aunt Alice had sucked and fucked pretty much every guy she met, and to her, it was the largest cock she had ever seen.

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