Alex(Leon SLBC)

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You open the door and find Alex stood there he looks like he's been crying. "You okay, come on in." You say to him as you hold open the door he takes a glance behind before entering quickly. "What's wrong."

He takes a few deep breaths before he speaks.

"The text message I accidentally sent it to my mom instead of James, when I got home she was waiting for me she searched my bag and found all my girl stuff, she then made me tell her what happened after that she told me not to worry about it, that Alexis was just a phase I was going through and now it was out of my system now, then she told me to come across here and tell you not to contact me any more or she'll call the police and get you arrested."

You laugh out loud at the last remark.

"Your mom won't call no cops, what we did was perfectly legal I know it and she knows it."

"She also said you wouldn't be interested in me any more now that I wasn't dressing as a girl again."

"And just what were you wearing in the shower?"

"Nothing, but."

"But nothing, your mom is right though, I ain't interested in a pathetic little momma's boy like you, I've got this sweet, sassy, confident and playful girl who takes care of my needs, she wouldn't let her mom tell her what to do, who to see and who to fuck, no not my Alexis. One day you'll meet her again and explain to her why it was so important for both of you to live miserable lives, there's only Alexis that can be truly happy and in order for that to happen you've got to fade away. Now you've told me what you needed to tell me out."

You watch him walk away slowly with tears streaming down his face.

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