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In the land of Telanoth, the Fortress Countries are the last bastions for free men, the lands of the free peoples are constantly threatened by outside forces.Over the course of the history of the lands of Telanoth, one can see that for milennia the kingdoms of men, elves, and dwarfs, ruled over a land that was peaceful and plentiful. Enemies were few and contained in the most wild and untouchable places in the world. The land became a utopia, free of crime, poverty, and strife. The lands of the elves had reached the pinnacle of their society, spending their time wielding the forces of magik, creating art, song, and literature. In the lands of men science ruled. The practice of alchemy and potion brewing helped bring and end to disease. The mighty mountain fortresses of the Dwarves rang with the sound of hammer and chisel, the Deep ones creating works in metal and stone that were the admired by all. The Taroug, the bestial clans of wolf-men, had been pushed back into the far reaches of the Kelarond mountains. The Vicery, a vicious insectiod race had been driven to near extinction, and a firm peace had been reached with the Naggarond, the Sea Folk. It seemed that nothing could bring this time of peace and plenty to an end.

Unfortunately, as is the way of most things, all was to change. In the later years of the 5th millennium, as accounted by the elves, the eldest race, the Joining came. In a cataclysm of magik and elemental forces the lands far to the north were swallowed by dark shadow, and surrounded by a malevolently pulsing wall of pure magik. Any who ventured forth into the Darkness never returned. For years things remained the same for the people of Telanoth save for the explainable phenomenon that had appeared out of no where. 10 years after the appearance of the Shadow, the wall of magik fell and from the lands of darkness came the Magoth, a horde of deformed and feral humanoid beasts. Their numbers were so vast and the might of their assault so forceful that the swept over the lands mostly uncontested, for the races of Telanoth had grown soft in the centuries of peace. Only the elves, by the forces of their magiks held any ground on the advancing horde of the Magoth.

Seeing that the fall of the free lands was inevitable, Yan'Anarion, Arch Mage of the High Elves devised a plan to safeguard the survivors. He gathered together his strongest mages and began the ritual that would cause the creation of the fortress countries. Such was the power of their incantation that huge swaths of land rose out of the earth and were surrounded by impenetrable walls of stone laced with iron and Mithril. Though this act saved a large portion of the population, the back lash of magik caused widespread devastation to the lands outside the walls. Forests grew over the course of hours, lands split and mountains rose. outside the walls of the Fortress countries became and inpenetrable wilderness populated by beasts of nightmares.

Yan'Anarions plan, while succesfully safeguarding the peoples of Telanoth, had an unexpected side effect. No longer were the elves, and to a lesser extent the mages of men, able to feel the eddy and flow of the powers of magik. The most powerful of mages were unable to completed the simplest of incantations. Magik had gone from the world and with it the most valuable weapons of the free peoples.

The Survivor Wars lasted for several years as those in the furthest reaches of the world made their way to the Fortress Countries. Slowly but surely the Magoth, and their new allies, the Taurog and the Vicery, whose populations had swelled with the changes to the landscape, realized that the Fortresses of men were unconquerable. These creatures melted back into the shadows of the great forests and barren deserts that had become the face of Telanoth.

It was approximately 200 years after the end of the Survivor Wars that the first Tashiri was recorded into history. This indvidual, only named as the Radan, or holy warrior, was able to wield the forces of the elements. This man was studied by the elves and they determined that his gifts were not the magiks of old. It was surmised that with the changes to the planet itself wrought by the Joining and then the incantation of Yan'Anarion, the elemental forces of the world had grown to a sentience. The Radan reported that he could feel these forces, or Furies, and that he spoke with them. It was through a partnership with these Furies that he drew his power. This man was thought to be an oddity, a singularly unique occurrence, in the race of men, so where he was heralded as a mighty warrior for the cause of the free peoples, none held hope that his abilities could be taught to another. That was until several children where found with the same sensitivity to the Furies. Over the course of the next 100 years, for it was recorded that the Radan had an unnaturally long life span, he found, among the population of Deidre, the Fortress Country of his birth, no less than 40 children that could wield the forces of nature. It was here that the School of the Tashiri, or Nature Walkers, was founded.

For the last 500 years the Order of the Tashiri has sought and inducted children from each of the 8 Fortress Countries, and their numbers historically have included close to 500 since that time, until the last 50 years where close to 400 new inductees have been identified and brought the the floating temple of the Tashiri. It has been foretold that a second darkness comes for the lands of Telanoth. That the spirit of the planet itself feels the impending sense of doom and has called more warriors to its aid.

YOU will take on the role of the holy warriors, the Tashiri, the elite Nature Wielding warriors of the free people. This RP will start at the end of your training. You have passed the trials to become full fledged warriors of the order and have been grouped with your first Qalm, or battle group.

Will You Be:

Sven Ironson A Dwarf that is excels in Earth magic. His power manifests itself into a grizzly bear that will viciously defend against opponents. Sven is a warm but ferocious warrior

Robb Eckardson A Human Male who is an excellent swordsman and trained in Metal Magic. Never found without his power manifestation, a huge wolf, man and beast alike are impressive sights in combat. A charismatic individual he makes friends easily.

Zacarish Militis A Dark Elf that is deathly calm unless roused, when he becomes a fierce warrior. He has an understanding of both Metal and Wind, as befits an Elf. His power manifestation is his sword, a magnificent piece of Elf workmanship.

Aalrik Faengoede A Wood Elf who's skill with a bow is almost unmatched. He is learned in the magic of Nature his two companions, a pair of Great Wolves, are loyal to him unto death. Aalrik is a serious character.

Adam Jameson Another human, Adam is learned in the ways of a Windwalker and his power manifestation, a hawk by the name of Kike soars above him at all times, crashing down upon his enemies. Adam has a very relaxed outlook on life, although this hides his aggressive side.

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