Alek Jackson, a front-line fighter

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FITS: Alek Jackson

Alek Jackson, born 2063, was a simple geology major living in Echo City, a small island nation in the South Pacific. In the wake of the Chinese-American war, Echo City was struck by an incredibly powerful thermal weapon, destroying huge swaths of land and irradiating most of the populace, mutating them into horrible creatures. Alek, one of the few who survived, lead a resistance effort that culminated in the salvation of all the survivors. Soon after, however, when it became apparent that the mutation was spreading around the world, he and his allies were called in to help rescue survivors on the remote Monument Island. Wounded and infected in the struggle, Alek injected himself with a prototype serum which cured his affliction but gave him amnesia.

Earth society soon collapsed as panic spread, and Alek was one of the millions who fled to space, helping establish a colony in high orbit. In a collision with stellar debris, Alek's life pod was torn from the ship. Seeing no other option, he entered cryosleep, letting himself drift freely. After 400 years, he landed in Iss, on a tiny island far from anything. He slowly built it up, eventually managing to build a rudimentary airplane and escape. He soon found himself in Sky Hold, the easternmost holdings of Pileas, one of the Four Nations. That is where your story begins.

Alek's belongings include his airplane (The Darcy), a few days supply of food, water, and fuel, a violin, a journal, a flintlock pistol, and a pair of short swords. His skills include survival, piloting, and me lee combat.

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