Alarm your squad!

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"Holy shit, guys! There's a sniper up there!"

The men all hurry inside, and Pvt. Adwell rushes upstairs, Sgt. Ellsworth following close behind as a guardsman, just in case.

Pvt. Adwell is now in a sniping battle, a pure matter of life and death.

WHAM. Bullets rush past Adwell, unsteadily firing his shots just as the opponent. Adwell finally makes a perfect shot, the bullet seeping into his shoulder. Adwell had just given that man a fatality, and given himself his first blood.

Ellsworth and Adwell stepped downstairs.

"Okay, guys. The sniper's down."

"Wait a second, ladies. This ain't no reunion. Enemy squad advancing from the building adjacent to the apartment the sniper was in.", calmly spoke Corporal Kutcher, pressing the lenses of the binoculars very close to the window.

Suddenly, an enemy pops out from under the staircase and opens fire on Kutcher, standing just in front of him, being attacked from behind. A bullet smashes into his leg, the rest shattering the window, and then, another stray bullet whams into Kutcher's shoulder.

Condition Check 1

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