Adventures of Valour

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This tale begins in the world of Solara, a world filled with magic, adventure and danger of all kinds. One day on this beautiful and exciting world, trouble began brewing as the great goddess Alana finds herself kidnapped by the vile dark Goddess Nez. She must now call upon the help of four different heroes of different races and abilities to grant her freedom and save the world.

Important Note Please keep in mind this is supposed to be a game, so I feel that going back and changing your answers kills the spirit of the game. Another important note is that I will try to update when I can on a weekly basis of every Tuesday, however that might be pushed back to at least a day late as I have other things to take care of so please keep that in mind.

Background In this adventure you will be given the role of one of four female protagonists who you must guide through their quest to hopefully save the world, they will each have a class/job. This will affect their 3 stats of Stamina, Armour and Shame. These 3 stats are like your HP in different situations, Stamina stands for your physical strength, it will be lowered if you take damage when you're without your armour, or if you do something tiring (like run) if this runs out completely you get defeated regardless of other stats. Armour is your clothing, when your armour runs out you will be left naked, certain options cannot be accessed if your naked. Finally Dignity, this stat affects your girl's embarrassment level, every time you do something embarrassing your Dignity decreases, if it reaches 0 you become Ashamed.

Status Effects In this adventure you will be given different status effects, each status is achieved under certain circumstances and gives different affects to the story.

1.Normal, your girl is normal.

2.Sweaty, your girl is all sweaty, this affects certain scenarios.

3.Ashamed, your girl is embarrassed, she can't do certain things.

4.Perverted, your girl is feeling frisky, affects certain scenarios.

5.KO, your stamina has run out and your girl has collapsed, start over from last checkpoint.

6.Naked, your completely nude, encountering others will drain dignity.

Fetishes Another idea I thought to add will now be fetishes, these will be unlockable traits that each character can acquire on their journey which influences different aspects of them, there are a total of 5 which will be tallied once unlocked. (Keep in mind there will be trait unlocking notifications which will look like this Trait. It will tell you before the choices but not which one it unlocks keep in mind that if you miss it you can unlock another one

1. Sweat lover, works better when in sweaty status. (Makes things easier during sweaty status).

2. Exhibitionist, Sometimes avoid losing dignity when naked, also allows you to enter perverted status during nude encounters

3. Masochist, Sometimes makes physical damage lower your dignity instead of Stamina when naked.

4. Foot lover, Makes you work better when barefoot or when the opponent is a barefoot female(a trait more common than you'd think, it will be bolded and say a barefoot woman has appeared. Note you can make human opponents barefoot)

5. Voyeur, Makes you work better when the opponent is naked (It will be bolded and say a naked woman has appeared. Note you can strip human opponents Our Heroes

1. Amber

Amber is a young (20 years old) knight of the Kingdom of Sol, she has long blonde hair, deep blue eyes and is 5ft10 with size D breasts. She is a very confident girl who is strong in close combat, she is also a virgin who has never been seen naked by a man before in her life and as such her ability to handle shame is very low. Class: Knight

Likes: Sweets

Dislikes: Perversion

Fetishes: None

Stamina 5
Amour 6 Equipment: Knight's helmet, skirt, boots, chest plate, white bra, white panties
Dignity 4
Virgin Yes

2. Mary

Mary is a young (19 year old) witch who comes from Luna Kingdom, she has long brown hair, green eyes and is 5ft5 with C cup breasts, she is a timid girl who wears large coat bottle glasses. She is also very shy and is still a virgin, she has very low abilities when it comes to handling attention and as such has low tolerance for shame. Class: Witch

Likes: Books

Dislikes: People

Fetishes: None

Stamina 3
Amour 5 Equipment: Witches' Robes, Witches' hat, boots, frilly bra, frilly panties
Dignity 3
Virgin Yes

3. Yuriko

Yuriko is a young girl hailing from a small village in the Eclipse Kingdom, she is a young (22 years old) Ninja, she has medium length black hair, black eyes and is 5ft3, her breast size is B cup. She has been trained to be a ninja since she was a child and as such her abilities in terms of speed are unrivalled, but because of her ability to remain unnoticed she has developed an overpowering weakness to shame and can't handle embarrassment at all. A true closet pervert. Class: Ninja

Likes: Napping

Dislikes: Light

Fetishes: None

Stamina 5
Amour 4 Equipment: Kimono, sandals, black bra, fundoshi
Dignity 1
Virgin Yes

4. Lily

Lily is a young (25 years old) Musician hailing from the Shine Kingdom, she has short red hair, green eyes, is 5ft6 and has large D cup breasts. She is a girl who has played music since she was a child and as such her musical prowess is undeniable, because of this her ability to be certain of attention is higher and her ability to handle shame is higher than the others. Class:Musician

Likes: Music

Dislikes: Silence

Fetishes: None

Stamina 2
Amour 6 Equipment: Red cap, Bard's pants, bard's jumper, pink panties, pink bra, boots
Dignity 6
Virgin Yes

One of these girls will decide the fate of the world, who will it be? You decided

You pick?

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