Adventure at the TG Thriftshop

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You're a young man named Craig taking a break from your first semester at college. You are driving through the forests of the Pacific Northwest when you arrive in a small town called Timber Grove. The people look friendly enough, so you decide to pull over and take a look around. The building you pull in front of has a big sign that says "Timber Grove Thrift Shop". You are a sucker for all things vintage so you go inside and take a look around.

The store appears empty except for an overweight guy sitting behind the front counter, who doesn't even acknowledge you entering. There is a lot to see here, where do you begin?

Name Craig
Sex Male
Location Thriftshop

Author's Notes

  • This story is meant to involve many transformations (Male to Female; Female to Male; Age Progression; Age Regression etc.), please keep this in mind as you add to the story.
  • When posting options a the bottom of a page, please use the following format. The first "OPTION #1" is the actual page link, while the second "OPTION #1" is what shows up on the page. The "(TGT)" ensures all options lead back to this story and this story alone.

Example: [OPTION #1 (TGT)|OPTION #1.]

  • I don't demand proper grammar, I want people to feel free to add on without any kind of repercussions.
  • The easiest way to add on to a story is to "edit" the page with the link you want to continue, then copying and pasting that format on the edit page of the link. All you have to do then is insert your new text and change the options. Easy!
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  • And finally: Thanks for reading and adding to this adventure!
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