Advanced linking

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The genie cracks his knuckles. "Advanced linking! One of my favorites! This is a very handy trick when the link you want has been taken."

He points to the top of the page. "You notice that title? 'Advanced linking'? That title is unique. If someone put a link to 'Advanced linking' in their story, it would come here. That combination of characters can't be used ever again. It's not so much a problem for this word combination, but if you want to go up or sleep, you're going to run into problems. Those links have been taken already. If you unintentionally link to a page that's already been created, don't overwrite the text! Use this handy trick instead."

"The following syntax will allow you to link to a unique page, and still have the link text read 'sleep'."

[[Tutorial- sleep| sleep]]

"On the page, it will read like this:"


"Go on, click it," he urges.

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