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Summer is starting! You just finished your second semester at college and your GPA is off the charts! Now that the responsible part of school is over with, albeit temporarily, you turn your attention to the fun part...

You had a few flings and hookups throughout the school year with a couple of girls, but nothing long-term came from any of it, as you didn't have the time to do much other than work and study. Now, you are looking to start a relationship, hopefully one that will last for a while. There are several girls you've met over the past year who interest you, and most of them are staying in town for the summer. You have several phone numbers and dorm room numbers at your disposal here.

Your Name is David. You are 5' 11" tall, with short brown hair and a slim, athletic body. You do very well in school, can play several sports, and know how to behave like a gentleman when necessary. As long as you play your cards right, any (or all) of these girls should be happy to date you.

The girls you are interested in are: Maya, Sarah, Maria, and Tina.

Maya is 5' 3" tall, and can't weigh more than 110 pounds. She is very slim, with milk chocolate skin, dark brown eyes, smaller breasts, and long, straight brown hair. She sat next to you in Macroeconomics during first semester, and you studied together occasionally. She is very shy, and tends to avoid the more public parts of the campus, preferring the library or a secluded park bench to the more open community areas. It was hard to tell because of how little she shared with you, but Maya seemed to be attracted to you and was somewhat comfortable with you by the end of the semester. Since then, you have seen her around the campus a few times, but have not spoken to her. You have her dorm room number.

Sarah is 5' 8" tall, with a more medium build and fairly large breasts. She has somewhat pale skin when she doesn't go tanning, with light blue eyes and long, curly blonde hair. You remember she sat in the back of one of your classes, but can't recall which. She spent most of her time on her phone. Sarah is a classic party girl; always one to show up where alcohol is being served, especially if it's free. You danced with her at the one party you made time for this year, and remember how shapely she is. Her father is putting her through college, but it seems it will take her a while to finish school. Sarah is always the center of attention, and has seemingly hundreds of friends, if you can call them that. You got her phone number at that party, but haven't touched it since.

Maria is 5' 7" tall, with a slender but athletic build and large breasts. She has medium brown skin and emerald green eyes that sparkle like stars, and very long and straight dark brown hair that goes down to her hips. Maria's English is a little broken, and she has a thick Hispanic accent. You took a cooking class second semester for the credits and remember her well: she was the star of the class. You managed to get her phone number after class one week and have texted her a few times since then, all casual.

Tina is 5' 5" tall, with a very slim build and tiny breasts. Her mother is Japanese, so her skin is an interesting blend of European and oriental. Her hair is shoulder-length and jet black, and her eyes are nearly black as well. Tina is an honor student, like you, and seems to have little time for much else. You have taken several classes together, and have been study partners frequently, even doing a presentation for Biology together. You kissed Tina once, the last time you saw her, and have not spoken to her for a few days now. You have her phone number as well as her dorm room number.

Do you:

Call Sarah

Call Maria

Call Tina


Go to Maya's room

Go to Tina's room

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