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Congratulations! You've finally been adopted!

You are 16 years old, but can't wait to spend a couple years with a loving family. You are female with dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin, and large blue eyes. Your breasts are finally coming in, but still a perky C cup, and your ass has never been more bubbly. The kids in your foster home make fun of you for it, but you saw how your foster dad and his friends would look at you - mature men love your ass, and you secretly love that.

For some reason, you've never met this new family you will be joining, but have heard from your foster parents that they would not take any other child - they saw you and knew. This thought makes you feel amazing - you've never been wanted before.

As you walk into the living room, you see your new family sitting on the couch.

"There she is!" Your foster mom knows how to put on a show for company. "This is..."

William, Tammy, and their son Jesse

William, Tammy, and their daughter Gabriella

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