Adjunct King 2

From Create Your Own Story

Utterdom, the kingdom over which your father has long presided, has been gripped by a civil war for nearly two years. Houses stand divided, and after a miserable and prolonged conflict, your Father, the King, has finally forced peace upon his enemies and secured his throne. Of the twelve houses of Utterdom, only six have survived the vicious trials and executions conducted post-war, and to ensure a lasting peace in the realm, your father has summoned six daughters from six houses from which you must select a bride. Having been nothing more of a playboy prince for most of your years, the idea itself isn't pleasant. Your father is old and ailing, and it won't be long until you and your wife will take the throne, and with it, all the responsibilities of keeping Utterdom from falling into discord again. Within two weeks time, festivities will be held at the castle, during which time you will meet your suitors and be forced to pick. Until then, though, you have a little time to continue the lifestyle you enjoy.

You wake early, just as the sunlight breaks through the windows of your room, and turn over in your bed to hide your face in the pillows. Too much wine the night before has left you feeling a bit ragged, and you certainly wish you could go back to sleep for awhile. Unfortunately, your personal maid, Esmerelda, has already come into your room to draw your bath.

"Wake up, your majesty," she says, pouring another steaming kettle into the large porcelain tub across the room. "I've taken the liberty of drawing you a bath."

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