Adjunct King

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Long had the war raged on, dragging all three kingdoms within the land of Utterdom to battle. Four years had passed, season to bloody season, with no clear victor emerging, Crown-Prince Raenard Utter, (your older brother)found his own courage and led the King's tattered armies to a decisive battle. The other kingdoms, armies in tatters, and the head Dukes and Duchesses on their knees, finally gave over to peace. There would be no bargaining. There would be only surrender. The kingdom was once again whole.

Unfortunately, the Crown Prince was mortally wounded in battle. He died mere days after the victory that united the lands. Now, the King of Utterdom has only one son: you. The spoiled of being the younger brother who has little concern for the land, but the utmost concern for coin, women, and wine.

(Warning: This story contains graphic sexual content not intended for minors. There are scenes of rape, of murder, and much worse. If you are easily offended or inclined to eschew violence, please skip this story. Also, please be aware that the Lord of Utterdom stories link you to a seperate EditThis page constructed to host the large amount of pages linked within.)


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