From Create Your Own Story

You wake up in an extremely plain room. White walls, one light in the middle of the ceiling, and two metal doors. You look down at yourself and see you are fully clothed - black bra, tight white t-shirt and jeans. You can feel you are wearing underwear, which gives you a moment of relief before you remember where you are. To your left, you notice a nightstand with what appears to be a magazine on it. As you read through it, you realize what it is - the more sexual favours you do, the more money you make for nicer furniture, cleaning supplies, food, and everything in between.

You throw the magazine to the floor and run to the first door - it's locked. You try the other door - also locked. Looking around the room, you see a camera in the one corner. "Please let me out!" You scream, banging on the door. "I won't tell anyone, I promise!"

You hear beeping on the other side of the door and then a loud click. The door opens slowly, and before you stands:

A woman

A man

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