A young prInce

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Warning: There will also be vore in this story line. If you do not know the three types of vore in this section; Anal vore, Cock vore and, Oral vore, I suggest you look them up before clicking on the links. Cock vore is a large fetish of mine so will be in here and there is a chance the other two will be in here as well. I will mark the links leading to vore with AV, CV, or, OV so you can avoid them if you want.

Welcome to the land of Gaavin. It's a mystical world of fantasy and magic.

You are a dashing young prince aspiring to become one of the greatest heroes in your lineage. You were trained since childhood to be skilled in as much martial art including swordsmanship, archery, and magic. You were gifted mostly talents with your sword and bow. But the latter was always your boon.

Unfortunately, during one of your self studies in the dark arts, you mistook a simple healing spell for a curse. At first you thought it was nothing, until you noticed that you would often submit easily to your desires. You have a predisposition to desire sex - specifically men. You don't know how long the hex would last - or how to reverse it - but your instructor would simply shame you for making such a terrible mistake. So instead you keep it a secret until you find a way to cure yourself

This would also be pretty inconvenient for you if an assassin discovered your weakness, so you make sure that no one finds out about it.

The suns have risen, peering sunlight through your royal curtains.

Wake up next to a man

Wake up alone

I'm a prince, I'll wake up when I want to

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