A young lad

From Create Your Own Story

You are exploring the woods, a place any sensible parent would forbid their child from entering. Fortunately for you, your parent's weren't around, and hadn't been in a long time. You're 10 years old, and have been living on the streets for 2 years, stealing bread and fruit from the market. Today you've decided to indulge your fantasies, as any young boy with a head full of dreams does, of being a brave adventurer, and thus adventured into the woods. The woods were full of mysterious creatures, and things unrecorded, undiscovered. Among the things discovered were lypos, the ferocious man-wolf creatures, pixies, fairies, and witches. Many more magical and mystic things resided deeper, although these things were the only that ventured out often enough to be seen. You are walking though the outer reaches, light flitting through the trees, to form odd shapes and patterns that tricked your eyes. While you aren't looking, you accidentally fall into a hole.

It wasn't too far, but far enough to daze you. As you recover, you stand and look around. 8 or so feet above you is the small hole that led here. In front of you is an odd sphere, glowing and floating in the center of the cave. The sphere looks as if a slight hit could break it open.


Break the sphere

Go back up to the surface

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