A very naughty girl

From Create Your Own Story

Ah yes, I remember now. Anyway, don’t want to delay the inevitable! Shall we get on?

You are stood in the street opposite the Punishment Centre. It’s a short grey building with brick walls, and a failed attempt at a cheery design. Or maybe it just looks so sinister to you because you know what goes on inside. You shudder a little, and your hand absent-mindedly rubs at your bottom.

You are normally quite good when it comes to the Punishment Centre. Every girl has to go fairly regularly -at least once every three months- to get their spankings for the various misdeeds they may have committed. You’re not sure whether the government has become stricter with it’s laws and enforcement of them since the Punishment Centres were introduced, or if people have simply become more mischievous, but you, at the very least, didn’t get into trouble this regularly beforehand. You normaly try and go regularly to ensure you only get a small spanking when the time comes, but it's quite difficult to get the motivation to go out and get a sore bottom. You always seem to have something else on, and besides, you have a long car journey the next day, or a lot of sitting-down meetings, or... You sigh. This is exactly the reason you’re stood here now, going in to get a worse spanking then if you’d just gone in when you first realised you were about due. In the end it took someone else to persuade you to go by offering to go with you. Now who was that again?

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